This release includes various updates and improvements:


We've used the DropWizard library behind an interface thus far. This implementation is moved out to an implementation library (continualMetricsDropWiz) and we've begun work on a Prometheus implementation of the same interface.


We've added an interface for embedded scripting but have not yet provided an open-source implementation of the interface. The script language will be procedural, C-style, very minimal implementation of ECMAScript. The language itself is not implied by the script interface.

We want the script implementation to provide lightweight manipulation of JSON data structures; experimentation with embedding full JavaScript (e.g. Nashorn) proved too slow. (Additionally, long-term Java support for embedded JavaScript is unclear.)

Other Updates

We've also included various other bug fixes and updates, including:

  • S3 model implementation now supports caching
  • OneOf filter evaluates the key expression
  • Common JSON IAM DB implementation fix for NPE when user record was not loaded from the DB.
  • HTTP service instances don't need to name their internal routers.